Project Description

Stephany Valencia

Instagram @ValenciaArtAndDesign

First and foremost my name is Stephany Valencia. I’m the lead artist of Valencia Art & Design. I have been enjoying this beautiful art journey for 20 plus years and it has been the most satisfying one. I mainly do abstract work since I feel that abstract work helps my audience really interpret the painting the way they personally want. All in all I love daintiness, simplicity, soft tones & a “poetic mystery” as I like to call it. With every piece of my art you will notice small things that make the bigger picture, subtle texture, different brush strokes, layering, and some “peek a boo” quote from poems from time to time. Ultimately I want my audience to feel a sense of inner peace, since I feel most at peace as I’m painting and the world just stands still and I become one with my canvas. That’s what I want for my audience to feel- to forget reality for a second and feel as if they are in a dream like state just taking in a deep breath and feeling that inner peace we all crave. Which is why I work with soft colors, to me it’s just easier on the eyes and so subtle. I like to say simplicity is best— but every art is beautiful in its own way. I personally just want my art to make people sit down have a Glass of wine and just stare and not think about the future, the past but the present moment and look at the hidden gems that create the BIGGER picture.

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