Project Description

Juan C. Ardenti


The theme of my work lies in the daily life of my environment, what surrounds me, the people on the street, their light and the color that surrounds them … people who inspire me, what is supposed to be clandestine and trivial and at the same time, universally diffused as unique. I try to capture instantly the essence of the model and roughly everything that catches my attention.

I always had a predilection for portraits, it inspires me to capture moments and transmit their feelings and emotions, with my own characters besides other emblematic personalities of music and arts.

In all of them I try to work with a technique full of expression, great meaning and chromatic richness where color always has good stories to tell.
My artistic style is based on the figurative that I draw in formats (canvases) and recycled materials (such as agglomerated wood and zinc) of large size, which from a cluster or base of apparently abstract and random spots are painted with a spatula, brush or brush … and they show up in their process things as lights, textures, volumes and shadows, which are giving indeterminate sub-forms, and authenticity to the work.

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