Reverie Art Show

Mental Health Awareness Mural Campaign


We need your help! Together the Reverie Art Show, NAMI Greater Houston, and The Walk Houston are working with local artist to create a mural that will bring Mental Health Awareness in our community. Now more than ever we need to talk about the importance of Mental Health. As we continue to navigate through difficult times in our community, we want to make sure our message is loud and permanent even after COVID-19! Remember you are not alone; there is a community that is ready to help! NAMI Greater Houston, offers free educational mental health classes and support.

CLICK HERE to go to our GoFundMe page.

Reverie Art Show is a local art show supporting local artist & mental health organizations.
Our mission is to give the best experience for both artist and attendees. It will be a fun night with a variety of artist, vendors, and music.


definition: a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.
synonyms: daydreaming, trance, fantasy, vision, fancy, musing, hallucination

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