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Jessica Martinez

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Hey there !! My name is Jessica Ann Martinez and I’m a makeup artist , hairstylist, model , actress , and artist. My love for the arts started when I was a little girl my favorite thing to do was paint and color or do anything that had to do with creating something with my hands . As a young adult attending college I believed my place in society was to be a dentist to make a lot of money and to make my parents extremely happy. I first attended the Alamo colleges in San Antonio Texas. One of my ore requirement courses was a fine arts course. I really am bored with history so I decided not to do art history and chose painting one instead . On the first day of class my professor asked us all to pick one object to paint the whole semester and that one object she would be grading as on our progression as we would turn in projects each week. She said we had to pick one object and I don’t like to do the same thing over and over so I asked her if I could choose people as my object. Without any prior training I was painting portraits in my painting one class and I absolutely loved it. My professor noticed my talent at the beginning of the class and asked me what I was going to be, I said i’m going to be a dentist and she said in a laughing manner no my dear you are an artist you need to go to school to be an artist and I looked at her funny and I was really young back then and I thought I knew what I wanted so I continued on the path to dentistry . As a junior in college I transferred to Houston Baptist University on a couple of scholarships as a Phi Theta Kappa honor Society member and a stem scholar I was studying my undergrad in bio chemistry. While in school I was doing art , painting portraits doing make up on the side to make money while I was in school. I struggled as a new transfer student, in a big new city with no family or friends here in Houston. It was not to long after I realized that going to school to be a dentist wasn’t my passion, my passion was in making women feel beautiful through the art of make up and being creative . I started my business Jessica Ann Artistry , and have been doing make up here in Houston since 2017 for film production, print , fashion shows ,events galas ,commercial work and have met many inspiring women along the way. My favorite types of makeup jobs are definitely halloween because I get to be really creative . I also love to do my own creative beauty editorials where I incorporate art along with the makeup on my model. In my free time I love to just take my paints out and go to town and just paint and be creative so I have a collection of paintings that I’ve never shared. I now have this amazing opportunity to be part of the Rivière Art Show and it makes me so happy to share my art on canvas for the first time ever . I have now realized that who we are meant to be was already written and the things that we’re just naturally good at and the thing that brings happiness to others is the thing that we should focus on. It’s taken me many years to figure this out , I’m just glad that I know who I am and what
my purpose is. I am 60% Native American I am 30% European and 10% of sub-Saharan African I feel connected with many different people and I feel that being an artist , a painter of faces , a painter of all sorts of canvases has been written even down to my DNA. I’m an artist of many sorts and I can’t wait to share all my works with you all .

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