Project Description

Tiffany Turner

a.k.a. Abstrakt Creative

Instagram @ Abstrakt_Creative

My name is Tiffany Turner aka Abstrakt Creative, and I’m a self taught artist who resides in Houston, Texas. I come from a family full of creatives, and just recently picked up a brush again in 2018 after a long hiatus.
My artwork consists of one-of-a-kind and mixed media pieces. I like to explore the relationships between shapes and colors with an emphasis on outlining, as well as black and white themes. I’m currently working on an 8 piece collection called Wonderland that hosts an array of imaginary creatures and characters.
Most of my works are created on burlap using airbrush paints, and I also work with acrylics on canvas from time to time.
As I continue my artistic journey, I hope to inspire as well as give the eye a fresh perspective of movement through art.

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