Project Description

Courtney Haney

Instagram @ chtxART

My name is Courtney Haney and I am a self taught visual artist and Houston native. I graduated from the University of Houston with a teaching degree specializing in Secondary Science. I am currently an 8th grade science teacher in CFISD and a dance instructor/choreographer in the Jersey Village area. I favor black and white, grayscale pieces, but I am slowly and surely infusing color into my artwork as I progress throughout the years. I very much enjoy creating art relating to anxiety, amongst other attributes of mental health that I hope others can relate to and ease any discomfort that they may be feeling. Many of my pieces also are based on the left side of my brain and I love being able to fuse the creativity I enjoy with the science that interests me. I love to learn and being able to share my love of art and science with those around me.

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