Project Description

Angela C. Gennusa

Instagram @ LadyLucys_G

I hold a BS in Psychology and have worked in the mental health field for 7 years specifically in residential child care facilities specializing in client’s with extensive trauma/abuse/neglect backgrounds and with substance abuse histories, autism spectrum, and other mental health diagnoses. I rekindled my love of art while working at Denver Children’s Home and participating in art therapy with my client’s. During this time my eyes were opened to the amazing benefits that art therapy provides to children and adolescents as a valuable therapeutic tool. I took what I learned at my wonderful time at Denver Children’s Home with me and apply it everyday when in my studio working. Although I have been on a fluid acrylic binge (It is more of an addiction) I do also paint abstract art using various mediums I am very partial to using multiple textures, make furniture, re-purpose furniture, home renovations, and when I am not doing any of that I am at the park with my 2 dogs, sunbathing with my Red Eared Slider Turtle, or taking dance classes at The Met (Houston Metropolitan Dance Center). I am a native Houstonian but lived in Denver, Colorado for the past 7 years. I am a retired ballerina and have danced for 38 years I have also taught dance and theater in both Houston and Denver.

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